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March 19, 2015

Finally I am getting this new web site going.  I started researching China Bilingual (CBLY)last year. I signed up with a Chinese American legal firm and an investigator living in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.    CBLY owns two large boarding schools: the Shanxi Modern Bilingual Schools (SMBS) , North and South Campus.  With 16,300 boarding school students, they have an active Chinese web site and it took a while to use the Google translator to navigate this information source. CBLY also publishes two brochures  per year  to attract new student.  Those brochures show the latest tuition rates and the latest number of students.   Multiplying the tuition by the number of students gives a good estimate of corporate income  and for the 2014/2015 gross income is estimated 460 Million yuan .  Since educational companies pay no income tax, they typically bring 50% to the bottom line. In the case of CBLY   Converting that with the latest exchange rate and assuming that there are still 31 Million shares outstanding results in earnings of $1.20 per share.

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